Mission Statement

“After we hit our 15-year milestone last year, we took some time to take stock of where our community was headed and realized that there was one underlying commonality that tied everyone together, no matter where they lived and what they did – it was the “why” they did it. This need to delve deeper than ever before, meant that we had to go through a micro pivot and re-brand from a media centric company to a branded community.

In August 2019, we went from a 5-year stint as ANOKHI MEDIA, to becoming ANOKHI LIFE. The shift? To provide a space where our varied voices, which collectively make up the life force of the South Asian community, would be the focal point of our stories, no matter who they were or what their mission was.

Our focus went from creating platforms to speak about our community, to creating opportunities where they could be heard. Hence, this year’s homage to you during our anniversary month, is to present The ANOKHI PASSION List 2019, where we focus on featuring 30 exceptional personalities who have made it their life’s calling to give back and pay it forward.” 

~ RAJ GIRN, Founder, The ANOKHI Brand


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Jay Shetty

By Devika Goberdhan

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